AirSwap is offering up to $20,000 for the bug bounty

Decentralized exchange protocol Ethereum (ETH) AirSwap announced it is running a bug bounty program with rewards of up to 20,000 DAI ($20,000). It starts now and goes on indefinitely.

The AirSwap team said on Dec. 4 that the value of the bug bounty rewards will depend on the severity of the bug found. By the OWASP risk rating methodology and the AirSwap team’s judgment.

The AirSwap bug bounty rewards go up to 250 DAI for a low-level patch. And a high-level repair up to 2,000 DAI. If the AirSwap team decides to reach a critical level of risk frequency. The bonus will go up to DAI 20,000.

The AirSwap team announced in September that they had discovered a crucial flaw in the new smart contract of the system. Which was reportedly reverted to an older version immediately after the discovery of the problem.

AirSwap noted at the time that the vulnerability did not affect either AirSwap’s Instant or Trader products. Its only nine address holders were expected to take action to prevent the loss of funds.

In crypto, bug bounties

Because hacks in the crypto world can result in hundreds of millions of dollars of tokens being theft. Cryptocurrency companies often turn to bug bounties in an effort to fight. For those who pose a real threat to their security systems hackers.

Organizations will often give bounties on a breathtaking scale, with the bonus cost reflecting the bug’s severity. Bounties will start for low-level fixes as low as $50 or $100. For serious bugs as low as $10,000 and more.

Bounty of $50,000

MakerDAO had to patch a crucial error in October that could have led to a complete loss of funds for all users of the project. The Lucash-dev client of HackerOne had released a report exposing a crucial flaw in the planned upgrade of MakerDAO and winning a $50,000 bounty. This error was the first crucial discovery in the bounty program of MakerDAO.


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