Akomba Labs Successfully Made ETH Block Production Twice As Fast.

Blockchain consultancy and product development company Akomba Labs carried out a trial on the Ethereum network. And its proving that it can make block propagation at least twice as fast as possible.

On November 27, Coindesk reported that, Akomba Labs partnered with BloXroute’s scalability-focused blockchain company. The purpose is to run a two-week trial testing the performance of the Ethereum network by running BloXroute’s Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN) between November 11 and 27 .

As result, the firm finding that average block propagation time, the time a block needs to be produced and shared across a blockchain dropped to 172 milliseconds. It is less than half of the current 360 millisecond average time. Furthermore, the test results indicate that BDN may present itself as a solution to the scalability debacle of Ethereum.

“Ethereum feels the burn of the scalability bottleneck more than any other blockchain out there […] It’s losing momentum, it’s losing market share. They feel the problem. most others don’t.” Said Uri Klarman, CEO of BloXroute.

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Source :PetaCrunch.

In addition, Klarman noted that in some of the mining pools, BDN is already operating and will eventually be extended to larger pools. On Twitter Klarman said it was “not just about making the network faster, but about making it bigger, without making it slower.”

BloXroute’s approach is a layer 0 solution that decreases the transaction size and accelerates the time of block propagation. For example, BDN might broadcast four bytes for a 500-byte transaction. Also, it had previously tested BDN for similar results on the ethereum mainnet in September. At the moment, the block propagation time clocked around 25 percent decrease.

Source : Coindesk, CoinTelegraph.

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