Binance. US is Launching The Latest iOS And Android App

Binance. US, a digital asset platform, launched a mobile app for iOS and Android users on January 9th.

Early consumer reaction?

Users can now trade in more than 25 digital currencies in real-time following positive beta testing on both iOS and Android apps in December. “Binancians” can track and analyze market movements, as well as a trade up to $30k under ACH limits, make wire transfers, and make debit card payments.

Existing customers can access their accounts seamlessly in 37 qualifying States. New users get a $15 sign-up bonus and 30 free trading days. Catherine Coley, CEO of Binance. US, said the app was “made specifically for them. One of the unique features of Binance. US is that it actually listens to its customers.

The software has obviously pleased early users so far, having earned a GooglePlay rating of 4.4 and an App Store rating of 4.9. Android user Smiles J writes, “Binance app is super clean, very quick and sensitive.” iOS user Rutledge Long writes, “The software is completely cross-functional, allowing all of the crypto business to be done practically anywhere the phone gets service.

2020 Hopes

The new app is clearly only the beginning of the relatively young U.S. arm of the exchange. Coley predicted confidently into 2020, The launch of the app is making progress towards achieving one of its 2020 goals is to create a daily product that is part of the daily lives of people. They want to act as a point of entry for Americans to switch from speculation about crypto to use it as a financial tool.


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