“Blockchain as the Future Technology in Business 2019” was successfully organized on October 8, 2019, on Tuesday at the KICT Conference Room, IIUM. The program is attended by students of Institute Islamic University Malaysia who have a Degree, Master and PhD in IT Islamic Finance and Banking.

Blockchain is the future Technology which expected to be use widely in the future. Eventhough current situation acceptance from government and surrounding community is not so welcoming for this technology, it is believe that it will be come phenomena as what have been happened to the internet nowadays. The 3 pillars of Blockchain which is Decentralized, Transperancy and Immutability is the key factors why people believe that it will be the solution for many existing problem happened.

The event was organized to give students an idea of what Blockchain is and to explain the benefits of Blockchain as well as its future use. In this conference, Mr Khairoul Nazim bin Kamarudin as Speaker was invited to explain his idea about the potential of engaging blockchain to empower business. He is currently CEO of Maishince Capital.

Crew Maishince Capital with Audiences

We had a overwhelming response from the students at IIUM who attended. That also a lot of questions cames out from them. Many thanks to everyone involved and hope that such a program can be organized in the future.

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