Cybercriminals Conceal The Script For Crypto Mining Behind Kobe Bryant Wallpaper

Opportunistic cyber-criminals are capitalizing on the death of basketball champion Kobe Bryant earlier this week by placing booby-traps on those looking for mementos of the player. Hackers conceal malicious HTML code containing a cryptojacking script in the NBA’s all-time great desktop wallpaper according to a tweet by Microsoft Security Intelligence on Jan. 31.

Cryptojacking is a method through which cybercriminals remotely hijack computing capacity from other machines to mine cryptocurrencies. Following the tragic helicopter crash which claimed Byrant’s life, his 13-year-old daughter, and seven other occupants, both fans and the general public have shown increased interest in the star.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, cybercriminals did not take long to take advantage of this. An increasing number of people looking for the star’s information and images are only a fresh crop of potential victims.

Microsoft team found the Trojan malicious HTML file: HTML / Brocoiner. N! Lib with Program to Cover Defender Virus. The script for the coin mining was disguised as a desktop wallpaper featuring a Bryant image. The program blocked the website which hosts the coin miner.

Reminisce, or money in?

Bryant’s death, as announced, brought an outpouring of grief across social media including a personal account from Tron creator Justin Sun. Bryant was a keen supporter of crypto, and Tron, in particular, addressed blockchain’s future with Sun on stage at the 2019 niTROn conference.

Sun has declared as a gesture of respect that the niTROn conference this year would be dedicated to the star. Nonetheless, some on social media were quick to criticize this change as a blatant cash-in considering Sun’s previous history of questionable promotional methods.


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