Ethereum Istanbul Hard Fork Get Widely Support By Major Crypto Exchanges

Previously on December 7, the Ethereum network experienced comprehensive cooperation between node operators and miners to upgrade the Istanbul hard fork.

After the positive hard fork update from Ethereum Istanbul, many prominent exchanges declared their official support for the upgrade of the network. Some crypto exchanges even sounded like they were willing to update a few days before the planned hard fork.

Wide Support From The Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Hasil carian imej untuk wide ethereum

On Dec. 5, Binance announced support for the update, and its U.S. branch did the same the day after that. Coinbase also recently tweeted that deposits and withdrawals from Ethereum and ERC20 are restored on its trading platforms and finished the network update.

The website devoted to documenting condition of Ethereum support of crypto exchange Kraken also indicates that the business has undertaken scheduled maintenance to patch the nodes. Together, the Poloniex exchange has declared its support.

Bitfinex, the cryptocurrency trading company with close connections to the Tether stablecoin operator, also announced on Dec. 6 that it was planning to support the hard fork.

In conclusion, there was broad public acceptance of the hard fork and no major negative accidents were identified. The hard fork also included the Muir Glacier hard fork previously discussed, intended to address the so-called Ethereum Ice Age.

Source: CoinTelegraph

Photo Credit : Investopedia.

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