Ethereum Update Shows 2.0 Still Coming Soon

The Ethereum blog shows that ETH 2.0 is still evolving as it progresses.

A recent post on the Ethereum blog shows that version 2.0 of the network is still coming, recording some progress since the last update.

“Aside from written updates […] and other public summaries, client teams, contributors, and community members/prospective-validators have been busy,” 

Ethereum 2.0 is on its way

For a long time, ETH 2.0, has not been broadcast live with the transition of the network into a proof of importance, or PoS.

The recent update of the 12th ETH 2.0, saying the team is working hard. The update shows a number of key developments, including the “officially approved new Solidarity deposit contract added to the bounty program,” and another version of the Altona testnet, v0.12, is likely to hit someday.

Other details include “Sigma Prime’s advanced giveaway for beacon-fuzz to find all the bugs.”

Source: Cointelegraph

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