Institutional Market Sentiment Data is Now Accessible to Everyone

CoinMetro makes institutional-grade sentiment data available to ordinary traders for the first time.

Estonian exchange CoinMetro has chosen to make their crypto sentiment analysis tool available to ordinary users. This is the identical tool that is used expert by crypto hedge funds.

While the tool may seem simple, CoinMetro Chief Executive Officer Kevin Murcko told that the key here is that ordinary traders have access to the same data that the institution has:

“This data that we’re displaying is the same exact data viewed at the same exact time as the institutional player. So while it may like every indicator lag price, you’re getting it in the exact same form and the same time that Fidelity has it. So they can’t front run you on that data.”

Crypto Twitter Sentiment provided by The TIE. Source: CoinMetro.

CoinMetro is too compliant

Murcko believes that CoinMetro has a great advantage over its owners because of the way they handle regulations. He is confident that his days in the Wild West will end and that CoinMetro will benefit from this change:

“Regulation has been coming. It will come swifter and harder. AMLD5 is the tip of the iceberg to what will be coming in the U.S. and in the E.U. And we’re poised to not have any real repercussions on our business because we are overly compliant and every step of the way.”

Binance Day is calculated

At the same time, he is confident that the rising cost of regulation will oppress many exchanges out of business:

“The regulatory oversight as it gets tighter, the cost of running the business gets much higher. Most crypto exchanges are profitable only because they’ve been able to gouge their customers. That gouging starts to fall when real competition comes in the market.”

Speaking of Binance, who Murcko says is better than many other exchanges, he still believes his days are numbered. He speculated that strict rules would eventually eliminate it.

Source: Cointelegraph

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