Japanese Crypto Exchange bitFlyer Begins To Trade Brave Tokens

One of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan and another Bitcoin brokers around the world just declared it will add new coins to the trade.

BitFlyer crypto exchange would begin trading Brave Basic Attention Token (BAT) in Japan. It has been four months for bitFlyer to record new coins since it endorse Ripple (XRP) December 2019.

FSA and GMO coins recently was approved BAT for trading.

Brave Tokens gaining from high traffic through a pandemic

With many worlds limiting their revelation to COVID-19 through shelter, Brave has seen a surge in its number of users. Part of the reason for Brave success is its dedication to consumer privacy. Labeled as a Google Chrome privacy-oriented competitor, browsers’ determined to preserve individual data have seen their number of users double from 2018 to 2019.

The signs are nearly as popular among consumers, with browsers selling BAT $ 35 million worth less than a minute for a coin offering in early 2017. Some other crypto exchange, GMO Coin, has also began BAT trading for the Japanese market in Match.

Source: cointelegraph.com

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