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SIN describes itself as a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) digital currency and ecosystem. Which aims to create unique and modern Blockchain products, services, and solutions. SIN is the successor of SUQA coin and combines the custom X25X algorithm alongside Komodo’s Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW). dPoW is intended to provide an additional layer. Its to safeguard the SINOVATE Blockchain against 51 % attacks. By leveraging the hash rate of the Bitcoin network via a process known as notarization.


  • Infinity Nodes to enable instant delivery of SIN coins, which they run through FlashSend. Users will have the option to send their SINOVATE coins anonymously, via a feature known as ShadowSend.
  • Revolving Sovereignty Votes(RSV) aims to offer the most decentralized E-Governance voting system. Those who want to vote must keep having new nodes whenever their maturity date is reached. IDS, which will allow users to send encrypted data anonymously, will eventually be implemented.
  • Infinity Nodes and the coins that are set up for nodes will be removed from the circulating supply. In order to control inflation whilst continuing to support, validate and secure the network. The incentive rate received is dependent on the number of locked in an Infinity Node. All Infinity Nodes will have a theoretical life of 12 months. At which point they will be removed from the node count. Infinity Nodes will create more nodes for the SIN Blockchain and fewer coins in the circulating supply.

Most Asked Questions, And SINOVATE Answers.

What is the plan for adoption in real life SINOVATE?

The team draws from a large diversity of skills from many areas of business and across many different industries. This allows them to design and hone the experience of interacting with the SINOVATE Blockchain at many levels; from developers; business leaders and operational levels; down to the end-user experience. This allows the team to develop software and user experiences from the perspective of all involved. Also ensuring that the end user is the primary focus.

What is the current financial status on SINOVATE?

SINOVATE are transparent about the financial status of the foundation and the activity taken with funds. Their regularly publish updates is here.

What partnerships will there be in future?

Besides the Masternodes related partnerships, SINOVATE partnered with KOMODO for the integration of dPoW 51% attack protection. That will be active at the end of July or early August 2019. As the foundation’s mission is to grow the space for all. They are happy to work with all projects and businesses both by learning from the great work others have undertaken and offering something back to other projects with their open source code.

With Governance what can do it for the comunity?

Decentralized governance is the future of any successful blockchain project. SINOVATE believes that blockchain will be ubiquitous in the underlying infrastructure and services in the future of everyday life. Having fair voting for developments, marketing and innovations of the SINOVATE chain will be very important for everyone.

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