Litecoin: Funded Grin Developer Challenges Mimblewimble’s Privacy Issue

A Litecoin Foundation-funded Grin (GRIN) developer suggested a solution to fix Mimblewimble’s Achilles heel privacy. David Burkett, a Mimblewimble (MW) privacy-centric coin Grin developer, launched a thread on monthly updates detailing progress on both the development of Grin. The integration of MW’s privacy-focused technology into Litecoin (LTC).

On December 1, the developer announced the news on Twitter. Post monthly status updates detailing progress on the LTC MW EB (YAY acronyms). This is geared towards those interested in developing LTC. But will also talk a lot about changes to Grin++, so Grinners may also find it interesting.

Burkett challenges the “Achilles heel of Mimblewimble privacy”

In terms of Grin’s progress, the developer allegedly carried out the first pre-broadcast MW CoinJoin. Which allegedly would make transactions more private by disabling broadcasting before transactions joined others in the CoinJoin block. Burkett noted that this issue is one of MW’s most critical privacy-related issues.

He wrote Mimblewimble Privacy’s The Achilles heel, though, has always been that transaction is broadcast before they’ve had a chance to join other transactions. That means that nodes that monitor the network can see most transactions ‘ original input-to-output links. One of the many different techniques they can use to combat this is by sending a transaction directly to a CoinJoin server before broadcasting.

Some researchers say there is no way to solve the privacy of Mimblewimble

The implementation follows a recent report alleging that MW’s privacy is “fundamentally flawed”. As a hacker managed to track 96 % of Grin’s transactions before they came to CoinJoin. A block that gathers all of MW’s transactions to ensure anonymity.

Published by Ivan Bogatyy at Dragonfly Research’s blockchain research firm. The reports claim that there is no way to fix this issue for MW. The protocol should no longer be considered as a “viable alternative to Zcash or Monero in terms of privacy.”

Litecoin Foundation is funding Burkett’s efforts to integrate Grin’s privacy

The developer confirmed, in addition to Grin’s developments. The Litecoin Foundation will fund its efforts to implement the MW extension block as well as to continue its work on Grin. The initiative was announced on Oct. 30 by Litecoin creator Charlie Lee.

Burkett also noted that he has been working for several months with Lee and Bitcoin researcher Andrew Yang. To develop an extension block for Mimblewimble to allow confidential Litecoin transactions. As such, the authors published two draft Litecoin Improvement Proposals using the MW protocol on Oct. 22.

Grin received an anonymous 50 Bitcoin (BTC) donation to his General Fund in mid-November. Sparking a rumor that the donation was related to Satoshi Nakamoto, a Bitcoin creator.


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