Maishince Appoint Partner for Nigeria Market

Maishince Nigeria Partner

On 28-Aug, Maishince Exchange had agreed to appoint Mr AbulFathi Ibrahim as Maishince’s partner in Nigeria to expand the market there. He is currently are Doctoral Candidate at IIUM (Islamic International Univeristy of Malaysia) in Kuala Lumpur and his doctoral research also related to the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

Nigeria is the emerging country. Based on population, it’s ranked 7th in the world with around 200 million population. It is ranked as the 27th-largest economy in the world in terms of nominal GDP, and the 22nd-largest in terms of purchasing power parity. It is the largest economy in Africa; its re-emergent manufacturing sector became the largest on the continent in 2013, and it produces a large proportion of goods and services for the West African subcontinent.

Data from Google Trends shows that Lagos, Nigeria ranks as the number one city based on the volume of online searches for Bitcoin (BTC). While this data may indicate a high level of interest among the city’s approximately 21 million people, it has yet to equate to tangible adoption of the emerging trend of technology.

Based on source, 70% of Nigerian is Muslim. It’s align with the intention of Maishince Exchange to expand their operation to the Muslim Community since they are the World 1st to get the Shariah Certified Cryptocurrency Exchange. Hopefully by having a good collaboration with Mr Abulfathi, will expand the awareness of Nigerian towards this new technology blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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