KUALA LUMPUR – Today, New Straits Times reported that the Malaysian-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT) plans to upgrade its engineering education. Its will offer a number of new programs including the Fintech & Blockchain Management Bachelor of Technology program.

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Source : New Straits Times.

MJIIT Dean Professor Dr. Ali Selamat said MJIIT was partnering with a few industries. Also, it was planned that next year the new programs would be introduced.

“…Another one is the Bachelor in Fintech & Blockchain Technology Management. This is also in demand and is related to blockchain, business administration and management. These are the two programmes that we plan to expand.” said Dr. Ali Selamat.

“We want to make this type of education accessible to students. At the same time we need to maintain the high quality and programmes that we have,” he added.

Ali said the annual Japan Career Day which organised every year for students is one of the ways to close the gap. About 40 Japanese companies in Malaysia will be invited to Japan Career Day to recruit the students. As result, In a year, the institution would have produced around 200 undergraduates in a year.

Among other programs introduced

MJIIT was offering a new programme called the Bachelor in Cyber Security Engineering which is in high demand. Recently the instutite opened up a Bachelor in Software Engineering. This programme also receives good demand.

Malaysia-Japan International Institute Of Technology (MJIIT).

The Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT) is a faculty at the University of Technology Malaysia (UTM). In line with the Look East Policy aspirations, MJIIT was established on May 26, 2010. The aim of offering engineering education oriented toward Eastern cultures able to inspiring the success of the world economy. Through perseverance, discipline and perseverance. With joined by the support of a consortium of 29 Japanese Universities, MJIIT is the Global Leader in Japan-Oriented Engineering Education.

Japan provides strong support to the MJIIT Education program. Through the direct contact of the Japanese University Consortium (JUC) by 29 Japanese Universities the establishment and operation of the JICA Office at MJIIT. Also industry cooperation through The Japanese Chamber of Trade & Industry, Malaysia (JACTIM). JACTIM offers various career and career training opportunities to MJIIT students and graduates, both in Malaysia and Japan. In addition, the Japanese Embassy in Malaysia also provided various support through the annual MJIIT events. Such as the Premier Lecture program, the Japan Day program and the Leadership Lecture.

Source : New Straits Times .

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