Mastercard, Binance X & Ripple’s Xpring Join the Partnership with Blockchain Education

The Blockchain Education Alliance led by the MouseBelt bitcoin accelerator has recruited a number of notable new members.

Ashlie Meredith, the university program director for MouseBelt Blockchain Accelerator, said on Feb. 11 that the new members include payment processing behemoth Mastercard, major crypto exchange innovation arm Binance, Binance X, Ripple’s Xpring accelerator and KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange.

The alliance also joined smart contract platform NEO, internet-of-things startup IoTeX, blockchain security company Quantstamp and big data blockchain service Constellation Labs. The Blockchain Education Alliance seeks to support education and ensure that students receive the necessary skills, interactions, and information to contribute to the blockchain ecosystem, according to its official web site.

The alliance counted among its participants at its launch in October 2019 the Stellar Creation Foundation, Tron, Hedera, Icon, Ontology, Wanchain, Harmony One, Nervos, Orbs, LTO Network, Emurgo, Nem and ETC Labs. In August 2019, MouseBelt launched a blockchain education initiative at three campuses in the University of California system.

Blockchain and crypto require learning

The blockchain and crypto-monetary industries have long suffered from the lack of a skilled workforce capable of moving the room forward. Ken Weber, head of the social impact for Ripple, said in late August 2019 that universities around the world will extend their education programs to provide training courses on blockchain and digital assets.

Last month, Nikolai Mushegian, a former donor to MakerDAO, and Carnegie Mellon alumnus donated 10,000 MKR worth just under $5.65 million at press time to his alma mater to establish a decentralized technology development program. In October 2019, the University of Malta unveiled a Master’s degree in blockchain and distributed ledger technology.


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