Blockchain: Tsunami of IR4.0 (Event host by MIMOS)


On 27th November 2019, MIMOS Berhad has hosted a successful event about Blockchain with sponsors from Huawei, HWD and Fireeye. The name of the event “Blockchain: Tsunami of IR4.0 ” conducted at Auditorium Tengku Azzman Shariffadeen, MIMOS Berhad, Kuala Lumpur.

The event attracted many blockchain enthusiasts who were interested in exploring blockchain potential in Malaysia. The presentations were led by prominent leaders in from government sectors and also private sectors, including the National Standard Committee on Blockchain, University of Malaya, MIMOS, Cybersecurity, Shazinovation, ACCESS Malaysia, GBCI Ventures and Blocklime.

MIMOS-Blockchain event
Panel Discussion Session
Presentation from Jessica Chuah ( GBCI Ventures)

In the morning session, Jessica Chuah as Head of Compliance at GBCI Ventures has explained the usability of BCB Blockchain Technology as a real-life smart city project. She informed that this projects also provides a low-cost, secure and reliable solution for the transfer of public data and solves the trust mechanism, in her presentation topic : “The Regulatory Framework with the Blockchain Technology in the Asia Market “

Presentation from Mr Ahmad Zuhairi (MIMOS)

After lunch, Mr Ahmad Zuhairi from MIMOS explaining his views on the topic “Blockchain Solutions and Challenges”. In his presentation, he explained in brief what is blockchain and the application of it especially by using Hyperledger. He also explains the product and system of blockchain which have been developed by MIMOS. Among the products are Token E-Pouch Prototype, ITSM Ticket and SLA Tracking.

Presentation from Dr Muhammad Reza Za’ba (University Malaya)

Among the interesting topic is “How Bulletproof is the Blockchain?” which presented by Dr Muhammad Reza Za’ba from University Malaya. In his presentation, he explained the basic idea of hash function why cryptograph need to use SHA-256 for better security in the blockchain system. He also explained the potential threat of Quantum Supercomputer which currently been developed by Google and IBM and what is the additional solution for blockchain system towards it.

Presentation from Mr Harpreet Singh (Blocklime)

The last speaker is Mr Harpreet Singh from Blocklime. In his presentation of the topic “Technologies Empowering Digital Trust”, he explained details regarding the evolution of Information Exchange. Blocklime is a blockchain academy company which usually provided courses of basic Blockchain knowledge, Ethereum Training and also Hyperledger Fabric Development Training.

The audience gained targeted industry knowledge and insights into the era of IndustryRevolution 4.0, into the world of BigData, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things. It definitely can create cohesive communities and build sector-leadership status, educate and inspire change within the Blockchain industry.

Almost all the seats in the Auditorium Tengku Azzman Shariffadeen, occupy until the last session, showing how interested the attendants towards each speaker. Congratulations to MIMOS and the sponsors, the exhibitors and the speakers from National Standard Committee on Blockchain, University of Malaya, MIMOS, Cybersecurity, Shazinovation, ACCESS Malaysia, GBCI Ventures and Blocklime.

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