President NEM proposed “opt-out method” for the new currency


Alex Tinsman, President of the NEM Foundation, commented on SNS about “opt-in” and “opt-out” related to the grant of the new currency “CAT (tentative)” by the new NEM blockchain Catapult. The director said she proposed the “opt-out method” to be more appropriate in terms of users’ currency ownership.

“Opt-in” is a token granting method revealed in the first announcement of migration (chain transition) in September in Catapult. “Opt-out” is a newly proposed granting method.

In the first place, what is “opt-in” and “opt-out”? In Nem’s “Migration Committee Community Official Forum”, it is explained as follows.

① Opt- in

Prior NAM (XEM) owners will voluntarily express their intention to receive CAT tokens before and after Catapult launch. If you do not vote for opt-in, you will not receive a CAT token.

② Opt-out

This is the premise that all XEM owners will be given a CAT token from the beginning. By voluntarily selecting “opt-out”, it is possible to make a statement that does not receive CAT talk. If you later change to “Opt-in”, you can receive CAT tokens. In other words, it means that the situation where a new currency is granted to all XEM owners without taking into account difficult conditions becomes the standard.

According to the announcement of the Migration Committee, the two options for opt-in and opt-out are Nem’s two blockchain and token allocation approaches, and ultimately debate one approach. It is said that it is desirable.

The Chairman prefer “Opt-out”

Alex Tinsman : President of NEM Foundation
(Source : Alex’s Twitter)

The “opt-in method” first proposed by the Migration Committee requires users to voluntarily perform their functions on the exchange at the discretion of the exchange. This is a new option proposed by the discussion.

President Tinsman expressed his views on the opt-in and opt-out diagrams that he created

I do see the advantages of an opt-in approach, and I’m still open to discussions. But for me the deal breaker is that opt-in exposes CAT accounts to third-party risk and possibly eventual loss of unclaimed coins for some.

CAT is positioned to receive all the developer/community/business support of NEM and more. In the long term, it’s not just the tech, but this support of talented people and organizations that will give value to a decentralized technology.

With the opt-out method, the community said it could be an opportunity to ensure that the philosophy of “no one has the right to put out their own coins” can be realized.

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