Samson Mow Partner of Infinite Fleet Game with STOKR for STO

Infinite Fleet, below CEO Samson Mow, has proclaimed it will apply the security tokens provided by STOKR as a development fund.

Infinite Fleet known as a space adventure game are assosiated with blockchain marketplace STOKR to start a security token offering (STO).

The gaming company declared that it would apply a token issued by Luxembourg-based STOKR to increase funds for its expansion:

“We are making the foray into capital markets and we believe this will offer our supporters the opportunity to own a piece of equity in Infinite Fleet itself… our team has a wealth of experience across both the gaming and crypto industries, and we have always been strong proponents of a new digital economy backed by bitcoin and blockchain technology, and less reliance on third party banks and intermediaries.”

Source: Infinite Fleet ‘Dearest Mila’ trailer

Infinite Fleet is under the leadership of Blockstream Security Officer (CSO) and Pixelmatic Chief Executive Officer Samson Mow.


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