Samsung Intergrates TRON Support to Dapp Store


Samsung, the world mobile giant, has integrated Tron [TRX] support to Blockchain Keystore, its DApp store.

Tron will be integrated into the software development kit (SDK) of the Samsung Blockchain Keystore, which helps users manage private keys. The SDK allows coders build with the Tron network by giving them direct access to the blockchain via Samsung devices.

It’s still unclear how this partnership changes anything for TRX token users, beyond wallet support. In the days leading up to the announcement, Sun tweeted about a partnership with a “megacorporation” that would “broadly distribute Tron Dapps [decentralized applications] and tokens to billions of customers.”

The Pew Research Center estimated that 5 billion people currently have access to mobile devices, only half of which are smartphones. Considering Samsung is among the top hardware sellers alongside Apple and Huawei, which have both captured significant market share, it would be a stretch to imagine even 1 billion users gaining access to the Samsung Blockchain Keystore.

Tron Coin News and Blockchain in China

According to recent crypto media reports, Tron [TRX] has recently displaced Ethereum [ETH] from the 2nd place on the up-to-date cryptocurrency rankings report from China’s state-backed tech workgroup, CCID.

Yesterday, Tron [TRX] reported gains of as high as twenty nine percent against the USD. The reason might be the combination of Sun’s stimulating statement and a breakthrough ratification of blockchain tech from Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The latter encouraged a blast of domestic interest in Bitcoin and Blockchain, as per WeChat search data. The developments also led to a blast in blockchain company shares on the stock markets of China.

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Source : Cointelegraph

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