The First Shariah Super App Banking Launched in Indonesia


PermataBank launched for the first time Islamic banking services on a digital platform that complements PermataMobile X to become The First Sharia Mobile Banking Super App. The newest product from PermataBank with full innovations and features to answer all the needs of modern society in order to undergo banking activities. The launching of PermataMobile X for Sharia Banking was opened by Ridha DM Wirakusumah – President Director of PermataBank. Also present as speakers were Herwin Bustaman – Director of the Sharia Business Unit and Abdy D. Salimin – Director of Technology and Operations, who discussed the features and benefits of this sharia application more fully.

Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest Muslim population in the world, where more than 84% of the total population in Indonesia is Muslim. However, the high number of Muslim population is not balanced with the share of the Islamic banking market in Indonesia which is only 5.7%. This percentage is relatively small when compared to other Muslim countries. In addition, based on the 2017 Indonesian Financial Literacy National Strategy issued by the Financial Services Authority (OJK), public understanding of sharia-based banks is still relatively low when compared to conventional banks, which makes the sharia banking market share in Indonesia very small. Benefits, features, accessibility and convenience factors are often a consideration for urban communities to use banking services.

Answering the above phenomenon while synergizing with the rapid development of mobile banking technology, PermataBank through its PermataMobile X introduced The First Shariah Mobile Banking Super App. This super application is supported by comprehensive features that can accelerate and facilitate customers and prospective customers in carrying out all their daily banking transaction needs. In addition, it is also designed and adapted to the needs and lifestyles of modern societies that remain sharia-based, to facilitate all parties in conducting banking activities.

Ridha DM Wirakusumah – President Director of PermataBank said, “We present the Shariah Mobile Banking Super App in PermataMobile X to facilitate the modern lifestyle of urban communities in conducting sharia-based banking activities. We see a high demand from users and enthusiasts of Islamic banking services for a sophisticated and modern super app. Therefore, we present sharia-based innovations that have complete features and sophisticated technology as well as the present that can support the lifestyle of modern Indonesian people but are easy to access and use. Certainly, what is in PermataMobile X for Sharia Banking has been specifically designed and we hope to provide an optimal customer experience “.

PermataBank Syariah itself has four excellent products that can support the lifestyle of modern society such as; PermataTabung iB Haji Regular, PermataTabung iB Bebas, PermataTabung iB Optima, PermataME iB, and other products such as iB Giro, purchase of Islamic mutual funds, and more than 200 other excellent features. With PermataMobile X for Sharia Banking customers and prospective customers can open sharia accounts online anytime and anywhere without having to come to the branch, the most advanced innovation of sharia banking in Indonesia. The advantage of PermataBank X for Sharia Banking is that all products and features can be accessed in one hand.

Source : Klikwarta

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