Six Out of Top 50 of Forbes Fintech Companies by 2020 Are in The Blockchain

Forbes launched its Fintech 50 list this week, consist of six blockchain companies between media compilations of top financial technology companies.

On February 12, 2020, by the convey “Blockchain and Bitcoin” category, Forbes listed among the top 50 Fintech companies consist of Axoni, Chainalysis, Coinbase, Everledger, MakerDao and Ripple.

Other participants on the list include companies like Plaid, Opendoor and Lemonade, which are categorized under their payments, properties and insurance.

Alphabetically listed

Forbes created its 2020 list alphabetically by spanning an array of categories within fintech

Among the six blockchain and crypto linked categories, Coinbase’s crypto exchange powerhouse estimates most of the financing, at $525 million. Ripple entered second with $293 million. Everledger attached the smallest funding base among sort of crypto firms, at $20 million.

Located almost entirely in the U.S. 

Forbes sort of three resemblance for 50 fintech companies listed on ownership, location and services.

The media outlet of Forbes added:

“A couple things all our Fintech 50 2020 picks have in common: they’re private companies with operations or customers in the U.S., and they’re making it easier, faster and cheaper to use financial services,”

Of the 50 businesses record, 48 are call U.S. homes. The two left fintech players are based in London in the U.K.


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