Telefonica Access On 8 000 Spanish Firms

The Spanish telecom company Telefonica has recently partnered with the local Science and Technology Parks Association (APTE) to offer approximately 8,000 businesses in Spain access to its blockchain.

According to a report published by TotalTele on January 9, Telefonica will deploy nodes of its Hyperledger-based network at the 52 sites of APTE. The firm will be encouraged to develop applications on the network during the three-month test period and will be allowed to experiment with their own tokens. In November 2018, Telefonica partnered with IT giant IBM to use blockchain technology to manage international mobile call traffic.

Telefonica leveraged its relationship with IBM in April last year to launch its service to Cloud Garden. The aim of this service is to simplify the adoption of new technology, including blockchain, as well as AI and big data. The Cloud Garden technology is leveraged by the blockchain developed in collaboration with APTE. Maria Jesus Almazor, CEO of Telefonica Spain, said that the project will offer substantial benefits to companies in Spain’s science and technology parks.

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“Companies housed in these scientific and technological parks will be able to benefit from the advantages of blockchain technology without having to face the inherent complexity of it, or have to dedicate resources to acquire the knowledge necessary to make the most of it.”

A science and technology park is generally associated with a physical space that deals with educational institutions and research centers supporting knowledge development, according to the official website of APTE. Such parks also have a stable management body that encourages the exchange of innovation and technology between the participating companies and organizations.

Crunchbase company information website estimates annual revenue from Telefonica to be around $54.1 billion. In addition, the website also reports that $5 million was also invested by the telecom giant in the seed funding round of Zamna’s blockchain data verification platform. A press release from Microsoft also announced a partnership with Telefonica in February aimed at advancing innovation in blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Source : Cointelegraph , Totaltele.

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