Top 5 Cryptocurrency News Website You Need to Follow


If you’re investing and trade in cryptocurrency and very much interested in blockchain technology, you’ll need to keep updated on the latest developments, consider many opinions and always have the passion to learn about the fundamentals of the technology itself.

For that purpose, we are advising you to always keep your knowledge and information updated by following our recommended best cryptocurrency and blockchain news sites. Here we present you the Top 5 Cryptocurrency News Website:

1. Coindesk

Screen Capture of Coindesk site

The No 1 Top Cryptocurrency News Website belongs to Coindesk. It is one of the more established cryptocurrency news sites, which founded in 2013. Currently, it’s the largest news site by visitor volume. Each month they get over 10 million users, on average visiting about 5 times a month.

Coindesk is a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group (DCG), who are investors in various blockchain projects. However, Coindesk strives to keep its content segregated from their parent company’s financial interests by maintaining separate offices and in-house policies that prevent Coindesk staff from knowing the details of DCG’s portfolio management.

This site is a good all-around news site, covering a range of topics from latest news, ICO investments, market trends, and educational information to help people get up to speed on the world of cryptocurrency. Articles are in the range of 1,000 or more words, so topics are covered with a reasonable amount of depth.

2. Cointelegraph

cointelegraph website
Screen Capture of Cointelegraph site

Cointelegraph are well-known with their signature cartoon style of the images accompanying all its articles. It’s brief and short articles around 500 words in length, makes the reader spend reading and easily understand the important point.

The articles are split evenly between general news and reports on the state of the market, both overall and for specific tokens. With lots of different tokens being addressed, this site seems suited to a user who might have lots of holdings and is looking to get an overview of the market in easily digestible portions of information.

In a Cointelegraph also you can view and read analyst report related to 10 Top Cryptocurrency at “Price Analysis” column. The top 10 cryptocurrencies price news and changes are researched by professional traders and investors, giving you the opportunity to have a perfect ground for making your own investment choices. Cointelegraph’s cryptocurrencies analysis is the most efficient and swift way to keep track of the cryptocurrency market and its development. Due to huge news related to blockchain and cryptocurrency, we selected Cointelegraph as No 2 Top Cryptocurrency News Website.

3. CCN

Screen Capture of CCN site

Starting in 2013 as and then later renamed, CCN is one of the older and popular news sites. The site gets around 12 million monthly page views, putting it in the top 5 sites by monthly traffic for crypto related web.

CCN is a sister site to, which also offers news and insights. The difference is that is a paid site offering some exclusive content to members, and CCN is entirely free of charges.

From early on, under its previous name, CCN focused on Bitcoin-related news, as that was essentially the only game in town at the time. That tendency to prioritize Bitcoin is still there, though they’ve evolved to cover all the current cryptocurrencies to some extent.

The site includes handy graphs and lists of current market conditions, such as token market capitalizations, exchange rates, and trade volume.

4. Blockonomi

Top cryptocurrency news website - Blockonomi
Screen Capture of Blockonomi

For the newbie to the blockchain and cryptocurrency, Blockonomi is the best place to hang around. It’s basic information articles offers guides and tutorials to various aspects services and possible ways of getting involved.

It offers the beginner’s look into all thing crypto, from coins to blockchain companies to decentralized platforms and beyond. The guides offer a detailed description of what the subject matter is and how to use it. They’re worth a read and are a pretty quick way of packing in a lot of crypto knowledge if you’re under a time crunch.

There is also specific information related to mining. Topics that deal with how to mine certain coins, what mining is, how to purchase mining equipment, and the like fill this section of the site — not to mention news on mining-related stories.

Finally, Blockonomi publishes articles on ICOs that provide detailed descriptions of the projects and their most important information, such as what the token will do and when the ICO is happening.

Even though Blockonomi started in 2017 but the site has quickly grown thanks to its guides and tutorials, giving readers informational articles to better their understanding of the cryptocurrency world and all that’s going on in it.

At Blockonomi, there’s a bigger focus on providing educational content rather than simply reporting the news in the vein of most other crypto sites. If learning is what you want, then Blockonomi is probably the right site for you. In addition to its how-to guides, the site contains a “Fundamentals” section with informational content on buying crypto, exchanges, wallets, and the history of cryptocurrency.

5. Cryptovest

Top cryptocurrency news - cryptovest
Screen Capture of Cryptovest site

Cryptovest claims itself as a place for you to find out about ICOs and new blockchain projects. You can find out that at front and center on their top page is a listing of current ICOs with a countdown to when the token sale is over.

They don’t provide specific advice on exactly which ICOs you should or should not invest in, but they do list scams and problematic ICOs that they believe you should definitely stay away from. They also have news and opinion pieces about information that is tangentially related to blockchain developments.

If you have the skill to write and have huge knowledge to share to the world, you might find this place is the right place to start with. They also offer a directory of people, companies, and events as a starting point for people who might want to try and network to get more directly connected with projects, they are interested in.


There are lots of websites news which have great information about cryptocurrency and also blockchain technology. But, from our perspective, these 5 websites are the top cryptocurrency news website and always keep updating the latest information. This new technology keeps changing in term of the technology itself and also the regulatory around the world. So it’s better for the trader and also those have a business in blockchain keep updating their knowledge and news related to this cryptocurrency and blockchain. All the best!

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